The Water Cycle

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On Earth, what process generates most of the water vapor?

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What do we call water in its gas state?

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What process occurs when tiny water droplets cling together in the atmosphere?

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Rain and snow are two different forms of precipitation that fall on Earth's surface. Which factor is responsible for there being different forms of precipitation?

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The atmosphere, the ground, and also bodies of water are all heated by the Sun's energy. How does this energy reach Earth?

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What is another name or synonym for the water cycle?

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What is precipitation?

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What is it called when plants give off water vapor as a waste product?

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The water cycle starts at....

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Which of the following is NOT a way water moves from the land to the air?

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As a part of the water cycle, water from Earth's surface enters the clouds and finally falls back to the ground in the form of rain. What is the correct sequence of processes water undergoes?

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Which example is a form of precipitation?

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What would happen if the Sun is removed from the water cycle?

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Forms of precipitation are-........

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What type of precipitation will fall if the temperature is 0 degrees Celsius, but the precipitation freezes along the way to Earth's surface?

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