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Why do populations never reach their biotic potential?

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Members of a species in a defined area

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When does overpopulation happen?

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What happens to the amount of available energy in the pyramid as it moves up through the different levels?

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When a plant is eaten by a caterpillar and the caterpillar is eaten by a frog, the frog belongs to

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An ecosystem thrives with biotic and abiotic components. An example of an abiotic part of an ecosystem is ________.

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An area where an organism finds food, shelter and water in a specific arrangement

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Look at the diagram of the food web. The arrows means “eaten by.”

What will happen if the number of snakes goes down?

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What organisms eat plants and animals to gain energy?

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An organism that lives by breaking apart dead organic matter into simpler parts is...

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What is a community?

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These are different groups of organisms that belong to the same species (Example: rats, rabbits, snakes)

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Any living thing is called a.................

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The transfer of energy from one organism to the next in an ecosystem begins with a producer. A producer is an organism that produces its own food. A consumer is an organism in a food chain that obtains energy from producers or other consumers; consumers may be herbivores or carnivores.

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The place where an animal lives and gets what it needs to survive is called_______.

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A collection of organisms that make up a community as well as all of the nonliving aspects of the environment.

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If the population of prey increases, the population of predators will ________because of the availability of food.

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This is the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.

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An organism that eats both plants and animals is called a what?

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Which of the following pictures shows a community?

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