Structural Adaptations

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Organisms' physical adaptations to their environment is called __________.

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A giraffe has a long neck to obtain food.

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Mammals have ______ or _______that helps insulate their bodies. It keeps them warm in winter and can protect specific areas of the body, like eyelashes protecting the eyes.

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A penguin is white on its belly and black on its back so it harder to see underwater from above and below.

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Which of the following best describes structural adaptations?

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______________ is an inactive period of time for an animal during an extremely cold season.

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Snakes can detect infrared light to help them find food, this is an example of?

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Why can an animal's skeletal system serve as a structural adaptation?

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Which of the following is an example of senses as a structural adaptation?

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A monkey has a long tail to help it swing from branch to branch.

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An example of a behavioral adaptation is ............

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Which of the following best describes adaptation?

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