Flow of Energy

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Food chains show energy transfer between organisms. The size of a food chain can vary, yet there is a limit to the number of levels that a food chain can reach. Why is there a limit to the number of levels that a food chain can reach?

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In an ecosystem, snakes feed on frogs, which feed on mosquitoes. Use of a bug spray has decreased the number of mosquitoes. What will probably happen to the number of frogs and snakes?

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It is a linear sequence of organisms through which nutrients and energy pass as one organism eats another.

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How is energy transferred from one organism to another?

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Which of the following is used by plants to make their own food?

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They only eat plants.

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Maggots feed on dead and decaying organisms for energy. What are maggots?

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Organisms that break down dead organic material and wastes

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It is a detailed description of the species within a community and their relationships with each other; it shows how energy is transferred up food chains that are interlinked with other food chains.

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What are the PRODUCERS in this food web?

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They are usually herbivores and plant-eaters.

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An organism that eats plants and animals

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The organisms that eat the primary consumers are called _________?

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Mushrooms get energy from breaking down dead organisms. Are mold and mushrooms the same type of organism?

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