Developing the Theory of Plate Tectonics

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The technology used to map the ocean floor from ships in 1946 was...........

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Why was the evidence of seafloor spreading so important to the idea of Continental Drift?

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Which of the following were pieces of evidence used by Alfred Wegener to support his hypothesis of Continental Drift? (choose ALL that apply)

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When did scientists suggested that mid-ocean ridges were created by seafloor spreading?

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Wegener's idea that Pangaea separated into continents became the continental drift ....................

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The .............................  is a seafloor mountain system formed by lava as it rises from cracks in the surface and cools.

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How did scientists discover the presence of mountain ranges on the ocean floor?

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What discovery revived Wegener's idea of Continental Drift and eventually led to the Theory of Plate Tectonics?

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What is sonar?

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Which is the deepest point on earth?

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Which scientist discovered mountain ranges located the ocean floor and developed the theory of seafloor spreading?

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Choose the correct order of discoveries that led to the overall theory of plate tectonics:

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What did Marie Tharp's work represent for the continental drift hypothesis?

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How do the ages of rocks change as you get further from the Mid-Ocean ridge?

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Why wasn't Marie Tharp allowed on the seagoing expeditions?

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What is geology?

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What do the shades found on the maps discovered by a sonar represent? 

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The submarine mountain range running through the Atlantic Ocean is called the...

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What of the following is found in the ocean floor?

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In the Atlantic ocean, where is the youngest seafloor located?

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